Autodrómo Nacional de Nicaragua | Nicaragua

Location: Managua

Circuit type: FIA Grade 3

Length: 2.5 km

Additional info:

Club Automovilistico de Nicaragua (‘CAN’), the National Sporting Authority for Motor Sport in Nicaragua, secured grant funding via the FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety to develop a master plan and to establish a commercially and environmentally sustainable case for a new motorsport facility in Nicaragua. Assuming the projects proceeds to construction, this will be the first motorsport to be constructed in Nicaragua.

The proposed development will provide the Nicaraguans with a new 2.5 km circuit designed to FIA grade 3 standards that will contain integrated link sections to allow for kart racing up to World Championship Standard. The kart circuit is aimed at obtaining CIK-FIA Category A homologation.

In addition, a 1/8th has been included in the master plan, as part of a national campaign to help reduce accident rates on public roads due to illegal street racing. A motocross track for club level racing is also proposed, allowing not only enthusiasts to start in the sport but also experienced riders to hone their skills. A road safety centre is also recommended to utilise the paddock infrastructure, comprising of a ‘kick plate test’ and a ‘legoland’ type mini-road network for kids. Away from the track, the development has been planned to include commercial properties to contribute capital towards the motorsport construction costs including a hotel, clubhouse, apartments and a marina.