Avalon Motor Park | Australia

Location: Avalon

Circuit type: FIA Grade 2 | FIM Grade A

Length: 5.3 km

Additional info:

CAMS, the FIA member club for Australia, has a vision for a multi-purpose motorsport destination that could be constructed at Avalon near Melbourne, establishing a home for a variety of motorsport and driving activities. Their vision called for a destination to satisfy all motorsport users, both two wheel and four wheel, in all categories of the sport. In 2009 CAMS contracted Apex, through the FIA Institute Facility Improvement Programme, to develop a master plan for the Avalon Motorsport Park as a phased development allowing CAMS to implement in a structured and strategic manner as funding and demand allows.

This phased approach extends also to the initial proposed FIA Grade 2 | FIM Grade B circuit which could, if required, be upgraded to FIA Grade 1 | FIM Grade A to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix and even a round of the MotoGP World Championship or other international or national motorsport activities should this ever be a requirement in the future.

In addition to a proposed circuit, the Avalon Motorsport Park will provide a home for a variety of motorsport activities such as karting, road safety driver training and 4×4 driver training, 4×4 driver training and ‘Top Fuel’ drag racing. The facility was planned in close conjunction with CAMS in order to develop a suitable strategy for developing road safety and racing in accordance with Australian state government policies and FIA initiatives.

The feasibility study resulting from this design produced positive results and is currently under consideration by the Victoria state government and CAMS.