Bangkok Street Circuit | Thailand

Location: Thailand

Circuit type: FIA Grade 1 Street Circuit

Length: 6.0 km

Additional info: 

In 2013 Apex were consulted by the Sports Authority of Thailand to provide a technical study into the feasibility of holding an FIA sanctioned race on the streets of Bangkok.

The study provided the Sports Authority with a concept design for the track layout that was simulated using Apex’s in house simulation software, to ensure that the proposed design was compliant with contemporary FIA safety standards.

In addition the study also provided the Authority with a major event logistics plan that included solutions on how transport the vast number of visitors and from the event during the race weekend; a plan for how to minimise disruption to the busy streets of Bangkok during the circuits erection and dismantling procedures, and; a summary of the civil engineering works that would be required to convert the streets of Bangkok into a fully fledged race circuit