Location: Roskilde

Circuit type: FIA Grade 3

Length: 3.1 km

Additional info:

In 2012, Apex and its design team, which form the FIAI Facilities Advisory Partner, were appointed to undertake a Vision Plan for the FDM Sjaellandsringen under the FIA Institution Facility Improvement Programme.

The objective of the study was to provide a design solution for a minimal upgrade to the FDM Sjaellandsringen facility, which currently operates as a driver training/road safety centre in Denmark.

FDM wish to undertake a re-branding exercise of the facility to rekindle motorsport in the Roskilde region, whilst also making upgrades to their facility in 3 phases; the first phase would enable the circuit to be granted an FIA Grade 4 license from the local ASN and requires minimal works within the existing boundary lines of the venue.

Future phases were also explored by Apex which consider a longer term, commercially sustainable vision for the site and include a circuit extension to 3.1 km, a new trackside exhibition building, a technology park, hotel and extended areas for further road safety training.

For more information please visit www.fdm.dk