Location: Riga

Circuit type: FIA Grade 6R

Length: 1.3 km

Additional info:

Apex were employed by the Latvian FIA World Rallycross Promotor, RA Events, to develop a design for a semi-permanent rallycross track in the heart of the Bikernieki Race Track.

The race track is situated 10km from the centre of Riga and will draw huge crowds from neighbouring towns, cities and countries for the World Championship round that is to be held in Q3 2016.

Having prepared homologation material and technical specifications, Apex secured FIA approval of the design and subsequently used the information to inform and assist a local team of experienced Civil Engineers to develop construction drawings for the track.

In Q1 2016 the circuit construction began so that the facility could be built and fully tested well in advance of the event to ensure that the best quality venue could be developed to host this spectacular racing series.

The circuit was very well received and the award was presented to RA Events for achieving the highest rating among all rounds of the FIA World Rallycross Championship in 2016 for the inaugural event of the NESTE World Rallycross of Latvia at the FIA Off-Road Commission gala in Slovenia.

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