OEM Experience Centre | UK

Location: UK

Length: 2.75 km

Circuit type: Driver Experience

Additional info: 

In 2013 Apex were asked by a major automotive manufacturer to prepare a master plan for a World Class Brand Experience Centre.

The objective of the facility was to provide the brand with the ability to showcase its range of vehicles to potential customers through unique experiences and inspiring activities. The resulting development expectations would not only improve sales, but would also be an entertainment and business venue.

The manufacturer acknowledged that for the facility to work on a commercial basis it would have to appeal to a broad demographic profile and encompass a wide range of activities.

The proposed development included a Visitors Centre, Automotive Museum, 4* and 5* Hotel, Conference Centre, Classic Vehicle Restoration and Bars and Restaurants.

To showcase the broad capability of the vehicles, Apex worked closely with the manufacturer to develop a number of facilities designed to excite and educate drivers. These driving experiences included:

A 2.75 km Handling Circuit that can be split into two permutations
1.68 km High Speed Western Circuit
1.1 km Technical Eastern Circuit
Low Friction Slope/Circle/Skid Pan
Kick Plate
Variable Friction Surfaces
Dynamic Platform
Off Road Circuit including: Cross Country Circuit, Urban Hub, Stunt Hub and Climate Hub

The facility would be the largest of its kind and was due to be constructed in 2016, though following a change in strategy the company decided to consider other development options Worldwide. Apex is currently providing design and operational advice for those other brand experience options with the Client.