Primring | Russia

Location: Vladivostok

Circuit type: FIA Grade 2/ FIM Grade A

Length: 3.7 km

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An rFactor lap of the PrimRing Circuit:

PrimRing TV – Motocross edition:

The PrimRing project in the Primorsky Region of eastern Russia, is situated on 78 Hectares of land under the control of Sumotori Machinery Group and has been selected by the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF), its satellite member club the PAF and by Sumotori as the location for the first integrated multi-purpose commercial race resort destination for Russia.

Apex were commissioned in early 2011 to undertake the detailed design to accommodate FIA and FIM guidelines for a 3.7km circuit, a CIK Grade A compliant kart circuit, a 1.7km FIM compliant motocross circuit and a 1/8th mile PAF compliant drag strip.

The 3.7km race circuit design was granted FIA Design Approval in May 2011 and the CIK kart circuit was opened in 2013 for its first racing events.

Apex and our partners Ridge, URS, KPMG and the Sustainable Hospitality Group were also commissioned to design a master plan for the PrimRing site to accommodate these motorsport facilities and to develop a strategy for a commercially and environmentally sustainable destination with road safety driver training in support of the many national and regional current education and driver training programs being a particular feature.