Sydney Motorsport Park | Australia

Location: Sydney

Circuit type: FIA Grade 2

Length: 4.5 km

Additional info:

Sydney Motorsport Park, formerly Eastern Creek International Raceway, has remained over the years one of Australia’s premier racing venues with its fast flowing corners, excellent spectator experience and picturesque parkland setting.

The popularity of the circuit was such that the client, The Australian Racing Drivers Club, had the facility booked to full capacity year on year and had the aspiration to increase annual revenue potential and the need to accommodate additional business resulting from the closure of the nearby Oran Park raceway.

Apex were contracted to explore various methods by which the circuit could increase operational capacity.

Two significant track upgrades were proposed and subsequently constructed to allow the independent and concurrent operation of both the north and south circuit permutations.

In addition to these track upgrades, Apex proposed a wider site master plan that includes industrial parks, a museum, tuning shops, entertainment zones, corporate hospitality and a road safety driving school. These additional developments all increase daily footfall to the site and provide a greater value experience for all who visit Sydney Motorsport Park.

The management of the Sydney Motorsport Park are delivering on many of the commercial elements of the master plan and the facility operates at capacity and is commercially successful.

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