3D Visualisation and Simulation


At Apex we believe that the generation of a virtual driving experience is an essential tool to be able to sell a concept and a vision for a motorsport destination, as well as obtaining valuable driver in the loop feedback.

The virtual driving experience offers the opportunity for the Client and relevant stakeholders to drive the motorsport facilities prior to investment in its construction.

It also allows users to get an idea of the likely driving experience, to understand site lines across the site, to review the safety infrastructure proposed, to evaluate potential advertising opportunities and to give drivers the opportunity to comment on the design and propose changes to the facility.

More importantly the virtual experience provides a promotional tool for the facility allowing a Client to generate interest and investment in the developments proposed.

This is why we have developed the ability to create 3D driving models for use in the popular and realistic RFactor simulation engine. From this software rendered images and videos can be extracted to be used in presentations, viral advertising and website promotions.

Apex can also provide photorealistic renders of motorsport infrastructure through the use of industry standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3DS Max and Google SketchUp.