Apex - Circuit Safety Simulation - Apex Runoff Simulation

Circuit Safety Simulation


Apex use advanced computer simulation and design tools during each stage of a circuit design process to ensure that the resulting circuit is both exciting and safe to drive from a driver perspective but also technically challenging for the race engineers.

At the heart of the design process is Apex’s own in-house developed safety lap simulator, primarily used as a design tool to assist in the creation of an exciting yet FIA/FIM compliant circuit alignment.Our motorcycle simulator is under development at the time of press.

The simulator can quickly emulate vehicle speeds for designs as they progress, which then influence track vertical alignment and run off. All outputs of the Apex simulator are comparable to that of the FIA’s own Circuit Safety Assessment Software (CSAS). This important tool provides confidence in the design of circuits which can be known to be in accordance with contemporary circuit safety guidelines issued by the FIA, which acts as the safety benchmark for this project.

During the simulation process an assumption is made on what is likely to be the fastest vehicle around the circuit often based on aspired licence.

Apex provide can provide this service as part of a wider contract or as standalone.