Stage 5 | Detailed Design


The objective of this stage is to provide drawings and design documentation suitable to engage a local contractor for constructing the facility.

Most commonly, Apex prepare what is known as “Employers’ Requirements” documentation, providing enough design information for a local engineering consultant or a building contractor to prepare full construction documentation to local regulatory standards prior to instructing construction.

Our experience suggests that the use of an Employers’ Requirements package to tender local consultants is, typically, the most cost efficient method of project delivery.

This approach provides our clients with the motorsport design expertise they require from Apex, combined with the local engineering knowledge on regulatory codes, construction materials and methods.

Apex can also provide a fully detailed construction design service to support your project if required and have successfully implemented this approach on previous projects.

Ultimately our services can be tailored to suit your procurement strategy, budget and project schedule and we would be happy to advise you on the best strategy for your project.