Stage 4 | Homologation Design


Every circuit that aspires to be officially licensed to host international or national motorsport events must demonstrate that the latest guidelines for circuit safety and function have been respected. This is achieved through the submission to the sporting authorities of a formal drawing dossier for design review so that conformance checks against the guidelines can be undertaken.

Apex have developed a Matlab-based vehicle simulator to emulate the process of review that the FIA undertakes when analysing any new design for approval. We have data sharing relationships with four Formula 1 teams as well as with GT, V8 Supercar, BTCC, Formula 3, GP2 and karting teams, allowing us to create models of those vehicles and to test their performance on all iterations of a design during the process of design development. Our motorcycle simulator is under development at the time of press.

An Apex prepared dossier submission contains all of the drawings necessary for the sporting authorities to assess the design. In addition we provide a design report to support the dossier that describes the design approach, as well as undertaking 3D analysis to assess marshal and race control sight lines.

Although the drawings contained within a dossier package do not constitute construction drawings, the homologation dossier does contain circuit engineering information which contributes towards the detailed design documentation that a civil engineering team or contractor would require to prepare construction and tender documentation.