Stage 1 | Vision Plan


A Vision Plan is an initial design for a project site which occurs prior to commercial feasibility modelling. The purpose of a Vision Plan is to provide our clients with a tool to prepare a business plan and to generate an estimate of the likely construction costs.

A Vision Plan identifies an initial, yet credible and safe, circuit layout and demonstrates potential land allocation for surrounding leisure or commercial development patterns surrounding the circuit as well as suggesting a potential phasing strategy for the project. The creation of a Vision Plan can often be used to solicit support from local authorities and/or prospective investors by presenting the concept for the project and associated commercial opportunities.

Apex begin the Vision Plan process with a project workshop to be held as part of a 2 to 3 day scoping visit to the site where a detailed brief for the project can be developed with the various project stakeholders in order to generate a well-considered design brief and gain a greater understanding of the engineering challenges that each site will ultimately provide. We subsequently create and issue both as images and as a report your vision for the site outlining the design strategy, land uses, circuit layouts, phasing and over-arching project objectives.

As part of the Vision Plan, circuit design(s) are developed incorporating the latest sporting safety guidelines with the aim of extracting a material quantities estimate report, essential for determining the likely construction costs.